Time to meet MENSHEVIK. You need them in your life!

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With members from established and respected bands Capdown, Vanilla Pod and Whizzwood in the ranks, we felt that it was only polite to check out MENSHEVIK. What we heard, blew two layers of skin clean off our face!

Menshevik 2Hailing from Norfolk come UK hardcore quartet Menshevik. The band formed in the summer of 2012 when guitarist Steve Pitcher (Vanilla Pod), bassist Dan Hawcroft (Whizzwood), Tim MacDonald (Capdown) and Rob Dempsey (Mustard City Rockers), bound by a love of old school hardcore, joined forces to take punk rock back to its rawest state. Their mutual love of youth crew heavy hitters like Gorilla Biscuits, the vitriolic snarl of Poison Idea and the call to arms of the UK’s very own Imbalance proving instrumental in their attitude towards this new outfit and the songs they were creating.

After a year of honing their material (including a support tour with Dog Eat Dog), this August the band headed into Hundred Reasons guitarist, Larry Hibbet’s – Artspace Studio in London to record their debut EP with Hell Is For Heroes – Will McGonagle at the production helm and Capdown’s – Keith Minter covering mastering duties. The debut EP is due to drop on Dry Heave Records as a 7” and digital download on Jan 27th 2014 and will mark the start of an exciting year for the band as they head out on the road in support of their debut supporting none other than metalcore bruisers Killswitch Engage on their Irish dates as well as a clutch of UK shows, with many more to follow.

Menshevik’s debut EP “Ceasefire” is five tracks of punchy hardcore that is fresh, vital, politically charged and played with the power and urgency that you would expect from this pedigree line-up.

Check out a sample of Menshevik here.

For a chance to win tickets to the Killswitch Engage, Battlecross & Menshevik gig on January 29th, just follow the instructions on our Facebook page link here.











Menshevik live….

Nov 29th – St Neots, Rugby Club

Dec 1st – Hull, Adelphi – w/ China Drum

Jan 10th – Kings Lynn, Corn Exchange

Jan 25th – Norwich, Blueberry

Jan 29th – Dublin, Academy – w/ Killswitch Engage

Jan 30th – Belfast, Limelight – w/ Killswitch Engage

Jan 31st – London, Black Heart – w/ Winnebago Deal

Apr 13th – London, Underworld – w/ SNFU

Apr 18th – Norwich, Epic Studios – w/ SNFU

Menshevik – Ceasefire EP is to be released on Dry Heave Records as a limited 7” splatter vinyl & digital download

27th Jan 2014 via Plastic Head Distribution

Killswitch Engage Dublin