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Taken from their forthcoming new album ‘Last Days of Sun’, New England-based quartet, Fuming Mouth, have created a modern Death Metal album that is a monolithic sonic experience. Check out the band’s latest single ‘The Silence Beyond Life’ below…

What initially began as a full-on, fictional concept album underwent a profound transformation into a concept-reality hybrid, largely influenced by vocalist Mark Whelan’s harrowing conflict with his health and a near brush with death.

Just three weeks away from recording the album, Whelan was struck with a devastating cancer diagnosis. While bravely fighting the illness, he rewrote melodies, drum sections, and lyrics, infusing the music with his personal journey of struggle and hope.

Commenting on the incoming record, Mark Whelan (vocals/guitars) says:

What started as a fictional concept album became incredibly real. I was facing certain death, but as I kept writing the album its theme became clear. You could die tomorrow. Seize the day.

Adding about the song, Whelan states:

The Silence Beyond Life” is our most melodic and heaviest song to date drawing influence from God Macabre, Gorement, and other melodic Swedish death metal acts of the time like Therion and Cemetary. It’s a song about trying to live while longing to die and overcoming that.”

The band’s forthcoming new album, ‘Last Day of Sun‘ is due for release on November 3rd via Nuclear Blast, and is without a doubt one of the strongest Autumn releases this year.

Check out the official video for ‘The Silence Beyond Life‘ below:

Pre-orders for the album can be obtained via this link.

More info:

Formed in 2013 by Mark Whelan, Massachusetts’ FUMING MOUTH was on a mission to create an unbridled brand of death metal. The band set out as a 3 piece taking influence from bands like Dismember, while simultaneously taking inspiration from the likes of Motörhead.

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