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Swedish dark metallers TRIBULATION will release their “Melancholia” EP on vinyl for the first time on 15 February 2019 via Century Media Records.

Photo – Ester Segarra © 2019


The special mini-album contains 7 tracks with an overall playing time of 42 minutes.

TRIBULATION – “Melancholia” Tracklist:

1. Melancholia (Album Version) (5:18)
2. Melancholia (Steingrim Remix) (4:49)
3. Melancholia (Author & Punisher remix) (4:21)
4. Pay The Man (7:30)

1. Holy Libations (Demo) (6:31)
2. The Motherhood Of God (Demo) (5:27)
3. Winds (Demo) (8:11)

The “Melancholia” EP will be available in the following colours and limitations:

Black vinyl
Transp. magenta vinyl – limited to 100 copies worldwide, only available at CMDistro EU
Clear vinyl – limited to 200 copies worldwide
Dark green vinyl – limited to 100 copies worldwide, only available at Kingsroad
Transp. red vinyl – limited to 100 copies worldwide, exclusively available through the band

Pre-order “Melancholiahere:

Don’t miss TRIBULATION on their upcoming “Northern Ghosts” co-headline tour with Gaahls Wyrd, alongside Uada and Idle Hands supporting, starting on 21 February 2019:

Gaahls Wyrd, TRIBULATION, Uada & Idle Hands: “Northern Ghosts European Tour 2019

TRIBULATION’s current album “Down Below” is currently receiving another round of critical acclaim by being featured in “Best Of 2018” polls all across media, including Overdrive (visit here). The group’s album has recently also been nominated for both the Grammis and the P3 Guld awards in their Swedish home.

Photo – Ester Segarra © 2019

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