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Baltimore’s contemporary Hardcore crew, TURNSTILE have created an album that far exceeds any expectations. In fact, ‘Glow On’ is the type of album that will most likely transcend the Hardcore genre.

Following 2018’s spectacular ‘Time and Space’ release, Turnstile have been on the lips of many a tastemaker when it comes to music you simply MUST have in your life.

However, the big question was, “How are they gonna top that?“! Well, folks, not only have they topped their previous opus, they have proceeded to raise the bar so fucking high with ‘Glow On‘, [their third LP], that the thought of any other album coming close this year is damn near impossible.

Yes, that’s right! Some big statements about an album that clocks in at just under thirty-five minutes, but trust me, ‘Glow On‘ is a work of genius.

With seventeen tracks, you’ll find elements of Bad Brains, ’80s-style post-New Wave Pop, glistening in a ’90s style alternative nutshell, here and there. And just when you think you’ve got Turnstile all figured out, they will drop the most satisfying breakdowns that will require all your energy to hold it together when in normal public settings like your local supermarket.

Opening with the most infectious Summer-feeling rush you’ll find this year, ‘Mystery‘ grips you by the back of the shirt and doesn’t let go. What follows is song-after-song of pure magnificence, all designed to make you move, smile, and embrace life, each track at a time.

The appropriately titled ‘Glow On‘ is the sound of house parties, skating with your best friend, sunrises, and sundowns with all the good stuff in between. The best days of your life, of your youth, regardless of what age you are.

From ‘Blackout‘ to the utterly unique ‘Underwater Boi‘, ‘Holiday, and well…. just about every track on this album, Turnstile are currently spearheading a genre that was confined to an old-school way of thinking/dressing and communicating with their audience. It’s only every once in a while that a band comes around that literally changes the dial with such force.

Hardcore elitists will no doubt be getting their tiny whites in a twist over this, but fuck it! This album is a breath of fresh air in so many ways than the obvious. ‘Glow On‘ breaks down boundaries, marries unsuspecting genres together with ease and is simply bursting with energy, passion, and soul.

And I mean REAL energy, REAL passion, and REAL soul! The type that comes from hard work, fearless creativity, and vision. Literally, 90% of the music that you listen to could take a leaf out of their book.

Glow On‘ is a masterpiece! 10/10

Order your copy from your local record store and your life will improve almost immediately.

Oran O’Beirne

www.overdrive.ie 2021