TWO TALES OF WOE – “Bloodwood is almost like a return to the old ways of the Woe” CARL KING

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Having cut their teeth within the Irish metal underground scene back in 2006, Two Tales of Woe are on the brink of finally releasing new music on Saturday, May 4th. We chatted to frontman Carl King about the bands current plans, the lineup changes and what we can expect going forward.

For those of you who have never see Dublin-based Two Tales of Woe live, you truly are missing out on a band that are just painfully talented and have that ‘special’ chemistry in their music.

With the band taking things off the radar over the last few years, apart from the odd show here and there with a few friends (Corrosion of Conformity & Crowbar), Two Tales of Woe have undergone a line-up shuffle seeing the return of member Ross Duffy and Johnny Kerr return to the ranks bringing with them a revitalised and urgent sonic attack that is drenched all over the bands rather awesome new EP.

OD – This is the long-awaited return of Two Tales of Woe. Tell us what had been happening with the band from the ‘Burning Lands‘ release to ‘Hunter and Prey‘ to present day?

CARL – Well the usual merry go round of TTOW. New members needed…a stop-start existence…nothing new there, after burning lands we decided to put out hunter and prey and just go from there. We needed members and my old friends came back to the fold (Ross Duffy, guitar, Johnny Kerr, Drums) and we started writing straight away.

OD – This new EP has been a long time coming. For fans of the previous releases, what can we expect from ‘Bloodwood‘ with regards to the TTOW sound we’ve all become accustomed too?

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CARLBloodwood is almost like a return to the old ways of the Woe…albeit a bit more mature..more grown up. This is the lineup that delivered ‘a conversation with death‘ with Dan Walsh still by my side so it’s the best incarnation of the band. There’s all you love in a TTOW song heaviness, groove and catchy vocal lines etc.

OD – With regards to the writing of the new material, did the new line up bring any fresh ideas or perhaps new approaches to the way to you create the music?

CARLRoss Duffy is a riff machine and its so good to be writing with him again…he wrote most of the classics on ‘A Conversation With Death‘ and he just got straight back into the swing of it and within 2 weeks the ep was almost written. He has also blossomed as a guitarist since his last tenure in the band having been in such bands as Fuckhammer, Okus and Stranglewire..its all a plus to our experience.

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OD – There have been a few shows here and there most recently with official support with Corrosion of Conformity back in October. Do you miss performing live, as I’m sure you’re eager to get back on stage with this new EP finally released?

CARL – Only last week I started to get the itch a wee bit..but we have a plan…extensive gigging does not currently feature in those plans…but if people really want to see the band live who am I to deny that??

OD – We’ve seen that TTOW are performing in June with The Dystopian Project. Will there be any other shows prior to this that we can expect?

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CARL -No, I’m afraid not…but there will be one the following week, June 28th in the Voodoo in Belfast.

OD – Has there been any thoughts of shooting a video for one of the tracks from ‘Bloodwood‘ and if so, which tracks?

CARL – We have an idea in mind for the song ‘Misery‘ but we will see what happens. I’ve always wanted a video of one of our songs…maybe this material is the right stuff to do that with.

ODTTOW have been crafting a crushing sound since as far back as 2006, can you share with us your most treasured memory to date and also would there be anything you would have changed if you could go back in time?

CARL – We are going so long now at this stage we have had so many awesome moments but sharing the stage with Kirk (Windstein) from Crowbar for Planets Collide is a personal favourite. Also getting the nod with Ten Ton Slug and the best support bands he has had in years was a real validation.

OD – Are there plans for an extensive run of live dates in the coming months?

CARL – No real plans as yet but as I said…if people want us…we will play.

OD – With reference to the current Irish Metal scene, you’re very own podcast, KingWoe’s Court has its finger on the pulse with what’s happening. Do you think things are in a good place for Irish metal right now and if so why?

CARL – Irish metal goes from strength to strength year after year…Metal 2 The Masses Ireland is a big part of that. Band’s are taking more chances and working harder than ever before. It fills me with so much pride and this little Island has some of the best bands in the world. The world just needs to wake up and take notice.

OD – Having toured with Crowbar, COC,  and the banks 2016 performance at Bloodstock Open Air to name just a few accomplishments in the bands legacy, do you have any ‘bucket list‘ additions you would like to achieve now that the band is back with this new EP?

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CARL – Well I would have loved to play with Slayer but sure that’s a foregone conclusion now (laughing). I would love to grace the hallowed fields of Catton Hall once more at Bloodstock if they will have us! I would also love to play a gig in the Olympia in Dublin.  That venue is one of my all-time favourite venues.

OD – Are there any thoughts about releasing an album, or do you think we’ll get a series of EP’s going forward?

CARL – We have discussed it, and at the moment we have hit a rich vein with the writing, so you just never know what’s gonna happen. Watch this space…

OD – What can we expect from TTOW before the end of 2019?

CARL – Hopefully, another release, more gigs and more METAL!

For more information on Two Tales of Woe, please click here.  ‘Bloodwood‘ will be released on Saturday, May 4th and can be downloaded/streamed via Spotify and physical copies can be purchased via the bands official Bandcamp location which you can access here.

The tracklisting for the EP is below;

1. Purging of Sinners (Intro)
2. Devils Mark
3. Final Breath
4. Misery
5. Terror Inside.

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