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Uprising Festival will be raising the bar next year, with a selection of American, EU and UK artists, who will grace our stages this coming April 29th in the O2 Academy, Leicester, UK. 

Uprising has today confirmed Gothic-Doom pioneers, PARADISE LOST, as headliners for the event with a plethora of bands joining the bill…

With a rich discography of genre-defining music, punters can expect a setlist of bonafide classics, encapsulation close to 35 years of Death-Doom brilliance. Check out the crushing single/video, ‘Darker Thoughts’, taken from the band’s 2020 ‘Obsidian’ release, below:

Greg Macintosh commented on their forthcoming UPRISING debut: “When we play Uprising festival in Leicester next April, it will have been well over a year since we last played a show in the UK. Come along and help make it a good one.

Joining our headliners, is none other than American/Norwegian industrial-core force, COMBICHRIST, whose punishing metallic anthems will, no doubt, blow the roof off the O2.

Having built a reputation for breathtaking live shows, that explode with relentless energy, the Floridian crew, (led by the master of ceremonies, Norwegian born, Andy LaPlegua), will lead you through, what they have promised to be, an “old school show” featuring bangers from deep into the bands impressive back catalogue, as well as tracks from their recent, ‘Heads Off’ EP.

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Check out the single, “Not My Enemy’ below, and imagine bouncing with 1,600 UPRISING friends, in unison, this coming April.

In addition to our two top billings, we are equally excited to confirm atmospheric Caledonian Folk Metal collective, SAOR to the bill. Expect captivating anthems that will take you on a journey through Black Metal fused with heavy Pagan/Celtic influences. Get a taste for their sound with the latest single ‘Origins…

As if that wasn’t enough, UPRISING 6 is pleased to welcome Nottingham’s very own, PALM READER. Following the release of their 2020 ‘Sleepless’ LP, the five-piece will claw back the time they lost during the pandemic and are expected to throw down hard for this performance. Listen/Watch the single ‘Willow’ below…

BOSS KELOID joins the bill, and will, no doubt, be bringing a boat-load of prog-infused stoner/doom to the O2’s stage, so whatever you do, don’t miss out! Check out the band’s latest LP, ‘Family The Smiling Thrush’ here, if you’re not already familiar.


Former GHOST members, PRIEST, will make their UPRISING debut with their unique brand of  dark Swedish synthwave, and will not be holding back when it comes to digging deep into their back catalogue. Listen to ‘Vaudeville’ below, and expect the unexpected…

Metalcore collective, INTERNAL CONFLICT will also be taking to the stage for a no-nonsense performance, designed to get any pit fired up. Sample the goods here.

We also would like to welcome the mighty BLOOD OATH to the stage. Their formidable brand of Blackened Death Metal will shave a layer or two off your face, so consider this a formal warning! Check out ‘Infernum Diabolus’ from their ‘Infernum Rex Diabolus’ release.

Completing the first draft of bands for ‘UPRISING 6’ are rising progressive Middle Eastern/ London Doom crew, LOWEN.

Architects of mesmerising, heavy, enchanting vocals, that will most likely rattle the glassware in the venue bar, we urge you to arrive early, and witness something truly special.

Tickets on sale NOW from £35 | Under 12’s – FREE | 12-16’s £20. Purchase here.

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