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Irish Hard Rockers, Vendetta Love have revealed one final single before the end of the year in the form of ‘Might As Well (MNDFVK)’… 

Photo – Down The Barrel Photography

With a busy 2023 which saw the four-piece tour with Airbourne (amongst other things), Vendetta Love are gearing up for a huge 2024 and are finishing up the year with a new single/video.

The new song titled, ‘Might As Well (MNDFVK)‘ contains the classic VL sound, albeit beefed-up with chunky Alice In Chains guitars with vocalist Sean Mullen’s gritty, “heart-on-sleeve” lyrics, which follows in the footsteps of their bands stunning discography.

Speaking of the new single, the band says;

“‘Might As Well (MNDFVK)’ came about while we were fucking around at a rehearsal for a show last year. It came together pretty quickly. I already had the lyrics more or less (there just written down waiting), which is pretty different to how I normally write lyrics, but it just seemed to marry really well.

It’s also the first one we’ve done that has shared vocals between myself and Neil (bass). He’s carrying the harmony through the verses and just goes fucking nuts towards the end. I love it..What the songs about? I think that’s open to interpretation.” – Shawn Mullen (guitars/vocals)

The build up in the middle section is one of my favourite parts to play live, it has a small dose of progressiveness to it before it kicks into the full riff between the way the guitar builds with the drums 

The video was shot entirely in one day with Angel (Cosmopalace) in the Dunamaise theatre in Portlaoise. We had talked about making it visually weird. Angel had sent me a message with the idea of wanting to create a tunnel around the lens, sort of like the James Bond, but more chaotic and claustrophobic. So, all the shots in the video with the “ring” around it are practical effects of reflective card duct taped to the lens, which we think turned out really great to give a sense of unease throughout the whole track. – Chris Craig (guitars).

‘Might As Well (MNDFVK)‘ will be released on December 7th.

Pre-Save the the track via this link.

Photo – Down The Barrel Photography

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