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Last week our very own DJ Pennell met up with Life Of Agony axe-man Joey Z before their show in Southampton for an in depth chat about the 30th anniversary tour for their groundbreaking debut album ‘River Runs Red’, and why it took 28 years to write a ’sequel’ album. 

Sitting in the bar of the Hilton hotel on the outskirts of Southampton, Life of Agony guitarist is more than upbeat about the penultimate show, and could quite easily do another couple of weeks of touring if it were an option.

Life Of Agony have been tracking across Europe since mid-January performing ‘River Runs Red’ in its entirety with direct support from Prong for all of the mainland Europe shows, and NY Hardcore legends, Madball for the UK dates.

Speaking to Overdrive, Joey Z is not only one of the nicest people in the metal world but he also still appears to be on cloud 9 about the continual success of their debut album, and how it still holds a very special place to so many fans.

Asked about the recording of the album where production duties were handled by former Type O Negative keyboardist Josh Silver.

Joey recalls, “he’s very intense yeah, he’s the man I had an easy go with Josh, we were always on the same page. A funny story whilst recording the song ‘Underground’, I was having trouble on this one part, we were changing a little something something in the studio and I was in the big main room (because I wanted to feel it like that), and I’m screwing up this part over and over and Josh goes over on the talkback mic and goes ‘Hey Skinny’, (he called me Skinny, Skinny Joey Z,), ‘Hey Skinny, just pull down your pants for this one, you’ll get it on the next take’ and was like sure bro and I took down my trousers and I’m in my skips (undies) and I’m like OK run it again, so yea we had a lot of fun and he ran it again and of course I played it perfect because I wasn’t thinking so hard, I was having fun

Watch the whole interview below along with some exclusive live footage filmed by Overdrive.

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