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Following the success of their debut single/video ‘Supernatural’, Goth/Pop project, Pale Blue Moon have today, (June 30th) released their follow-up single ‘It”s Not Real’. 

Pale Blue Moon © 2020. Photo – Down The Barrel Photography.

With their debut album ‘The Pleasure Of Finding Things Out’ due for release on July 27th, Pale Blue Moon has given us another sneak peek into the album with the brand new single, “It’s Not Real’.

Check out the video exclusive below:

We spoke to vocalist, Shane Kelly about the new single and of course, the new album

OD – Firstly, congratulations on a fantastic follow-up single to ‘Supernatural’. Can you talk us through the lyrical concept for ‘It’s Not Real’?

SHANE – Thank you, we’re very excited for people to hear and enjoy it.

The song is written from the perspective of someone who is being bullied and facing bullying every day, could be anyone of any age in any situation.

The lyrics articulate a sense of being out of control and alone. The music mirrors an ominous sense of foreboding and ever-increasing anxiety. The words a bully says are not real (it’s not true) but it physically hurts like it is real. we experience bullying and hurtful words as if they are real and true, even though they are false.

It’s not fair when we are bullied (when they stare) and we are singled out, we feel we can’t control it. The protagonist in the song desires someone to hold their hand support them and make it all ok. However at the end of the song once the protagonist realises that the words other people say are just that – words, and not fact, not reality, then the hurt melts away, they no longer care if they stare then they are free.

We do have power and control once we take it, nothing anyone says can hurt or affect you. When you truly realise it’s not real then, you are free, no matter what anyone says.  You’re bulletproof, it’s a true superpower. You can’t be affected or hurt.

OD – Can you talk us through the video for the track and how that came about?

Pale Blue Moon © 2020. Photo – Down The Barrel Photography.

SHANE – We were very fortunate to work with Andy Pilkington of Very Metal Art, Andy has an amazing ability to take the story and atmosphere of a song and create a visual representation of it. With It’s Not Real, Andy captured the essence and mood of the song, and we are very happy with the result.

OD –  There has been a considerable amount of interest in the band from mainland Europe, UK and America to name but a few. Coming from Ireland, does it frustrate you to see that a considerable number of mainstream media platforms in Ireland tend to ignore up and coming Irish bands especially from the alternative/rock/metal genres?

SHANE – Yes, we are very happy with the reaction in the UK, Europe and of course the States, which is more than we could have hoped for, so we’re off to a positive start.

It is puzzling that mainstream media in Ireland does not appear to be interested, but I suppose a prophet has no honour in his own country, so it’s been ever so. I’m optimistic though, with some time we may crack that nut. I think we have to prove ourselves, and that’s fair enough.

OD –  We’ve touched on the subject in previous interviews but there’s no doubt that Pale Blue Moon is very much a visual band in terms of presentation, artwork, make up etc. What is it about the power of imagery that intrigues to so much?

SHANE – Yes that’s true, the music comes first, always, the visual is an extension of that expression, so we want to give the audience the whole package. It’s all art and we want to connect through every medium available. The imagery is a very immediate powerful expression, more so than the cerebral nature of lyrics.


OD – Do you believe that most artists today have lost the romanticism and mystery of performance/live shows or do you think that it’s very much alive and well?

SHANE – I do agree that the performance has been neglected somewhat, and we are very conscious of “the show” and delivering a performance, which I believe enhances the relationship with the audience.

Personally I like the drama and theatrics which complement the music and message of the band.

OD – This is the second single from the forthcoming debut ‘The Pleasure of Finding Things Out’, can we expect another single to come before the end of the year and if so, which track will it be?

SHANE – Definitely, we are deciding which track makes the most sense to release next, it will probably be a song called “Don’t Wake Up”. We re going into production of a full feature music video in the coming weeks for that, which will build on the darkness and gothic style of the Supernatural video (see below).

OD – The album is due for release on July 27th. Is there a pre-order available as of yet and if so can you please share that with us?

SHANE – We are very excited for people to hear the new album. It is available to pre-order here.

OD –  Have you been writing new music during the Pandemic lockdown and if so, can you comment on the direction of the new material?

SHANE – Yes indeed, we continue to write regardless, the new material is a bit darker and we are exploring a heavier sound, which is exciting and I feel is a very natural progression and evolution for us.

The Pleasure Of Finding Things Out‘ is released on July 27th. For more information on Pale Blue Moon, please visit this link.

Pale Blue Moon © 2020. Photo – Down The Barrel Photography.

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