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Prepare for the ultimate earworm from SharpTone’s new signing ‘unpeople’. Their debut single ‘Smother’ could very well be one of 2023’s best tracks. Judge for yourself…

Yes folks, new artists, ‘unpeople’ have emerged from out of nowhere with one of the year’s most catchy tracks, ‘Smother’.

The four-piece, who toured alongside label-mates BETTER LOVERS recently, have also revealed the video for their debut single ‘smother‘, which recently debuted on Alyx Holcombe’s BBC Introducing Rock Show.

Frontman Jake Crawford comments on the new single “smother is a song born of unfiltered introspection and sheer desperation. The intentionally prying first line “are you being honest with yourself?” was more of a question to myself let alone the potential audience. Myself and Luke were certainly “feeling the pressure” at the time of the song’s inception.

Having come off the back of two massive breakups, one band and one personal, we were literally scrambling for “something to live for”. Lyrically, it was a collaborative effort. Luke came up with the chorus which I immediately connected with. It then inspired me to really dig into the suffocating feeling of being at a complete loss of direction at the time. The rest came relatively easily as we were certainly in similar boats, albeit from slightly differing perspectives.”

In relation to signing to SharpTone Records, the band says “Since the inception of unpeople, SharpTone was at the top of our list in terms of who would be our dream label to work with.

We have such respect for the team and what they do. It is evident to us that they are equally as passionate about the music as we are. We are extremely excited to be part of such an awesome roster and feel very privileged to be able to call SharpTone our home.“

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