Vinyl Record Fair Dublin Dates Announced.

Posted on by Oran

Record Fair

It’s that time of the year again folks. After a rather nice pick up of some classic and ultra amazing collectables at the March meeting, The Music, CD & Record Fair returns to Dublin’s city center location Filmbase, to offer you a vast amount of limited pressings, 1st editions, box sets, signed and rare memorabilia and much much more.

For more information on this kick ass event just head over to Irish Record Fairs and get all the scoop. Overdrive can confirm that we have been attending this event for many years and have picked up some of the most incredible pieces of vinyl in our collection and if your wondering that there won’t be enough METAL, HARDCORE, THRASH, DEATH and BLACK metal there to keep you interested, then you are very mistaken as they place is rammed to the rafters with the good stuff. 

See you there. M/