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Overdrive is a Irish based daily Internet publication devoted to Hard Rock, Metal and Alternative music, films, art and lifestyle. We provide up to the minute music news with exclusive artist interviews, reviews, competitions and also have an in house design team that provides branding and marketing tools for musicians, promoters and agents etc.

Overdrive also provides a PR service for bands, promoters, venues and agents helping you deliver your message to the world through specialised marketing services.

Our main focus is predominately Hard Rock & Metal music. However, the range of musical genres covered extends to many different genres. We like to discover new music and spread the good word about things that excite us, ranging from cool art exhibitions to a wide range of events of the alternative nature.

We also own Mainstage Design which is a one-stop-shop for musicians who are in need of any branding / design / media solutions. Check out our website which will be coming soon here.

We hope you enjoy what we do, as it’s the main reason we get out of bed in the mornings (or afternoons).

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