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American Black Metal Overlords WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM announce the Crypt of Ancestral Knowledge EP out September 29th! 

The EP features four new tracks spanning the scope of WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM’s cinematic black metal and dark acoustic folk, as well as two atmospheric industrial tracks that take the band into darker sonic territories.

Crypt of Ancestral Knowledge EP opens with “Beholden to Clan”, a blazing slab of Symphonic Black Metal. Regarding the EP opener, Guitarist Kody Keyworth comments, “Journeying high atop a sacred mountain, the song recalls the importance of the sacrificed king’s cycle of rebirth through ancestral hallucinogenic rights of passage. It’s a wild trip. Hail Othila!

Elsewhere, “Twin Mouthed Spring” follows. This new track features vocals and acoustic guitar performed by founding WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM drummer Cedar Serpent who has recently returned to the live stage after a years-long hiatus from live performance.

He comments, “This song travels to a deep wellspring of passion and creativity. Themes from Celtic Mythology are pulled apart and remade.” Side B of the EP features a different side of the enigmatic band; “Initiates of the White Hart”, an Atmospheric Industrial interpretation of “Spirit of Lightning”, takes this live-set stalwart into deeper dark psychedelic waters while “Crown of Stone”, a ritual dark ambient piece, connects thematically to “Mountain Magic” the lead track on 2021’s Primordial Arcana.”

Pre-orders for the new EP are now live and can be accessed here.

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