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There are not many metal bands in Ireland that can claim to hit the number one spot in the Irish iTunes rock/metal charts but Dundalk/Carrickmacross-based four-piece WORDS THAT BURN, have done just that! 

© Down The Barrel Photography 2018

© Down The Barrel Photography 2018

Taking musical & sonic influence from bands such as Deftones, Bring me the Horizon, Slipknot, Northlane, Killswitch Engage, Architects and Parkway Drive, Words That Burn compiled an album of hook-laden tracks which saw the album chart at Number 1 in the Irish Metal, Irish Rock and Irish Mainstream iTunes download charts back in 2016.

May 2018, saw the first offering from the sophomore album “When We’re Forgotten”, go straight to number one once again in the Irish metal & rock iTunes charts, supported by 2 further tours of Europe including shows at Revolution festival in Romania and Aggressive Festival in the Czech Republic.

The band are currently writing their follow up to “Regret…” which will be a heavier, more explosive experience than the first record. Overdrive caught up with vocalist Roni Vox to discuss the bands progress on their new material and a possible release date.

OD – The new single ‘When We’re Forgotten’ was a much more concentrated, heavier sound from Words That Burn. Can you tell us about the decision to change things up a little and will there be more of this style of writing going forward?

RONI – We made a conscious decision to go heavier shortly after releasing our last album back in 2016. However, we didn’t think there would be as much of a paradigm shift as there was. There was a couple of other tracks floating around the camp at the time but we thought WWF was the song that encapsulated the progression. It is going to be a lot more explosive than the last one. So far it’s heavier, it’s more dynamic. This album is coming from a different place than “Regret…

Also, it is way more focused lyrically – It’s not as introverted which is somewhere I tend to go automatically. Overall, I think the change in sound is down to us having something to say and that message requires us to be heavier to say it.

Check out the video for ‘When We’re Forgotten‘ below;

OD – The video is rather unusual and definitely stands out to what most other bands are doing these days. How did the concept come about and who did you work with for the production of the video?

RONI – It started with the usual “I like this video and that video” which ultimately ends up with having an idea that isn’t very original. But it just so happens that Carl from Empty Horoscope Medias was in the studio when we were tracking the vocals for When We’re Forgotten. He loved the track and said he’d love to do the video. So he came back with the storyboard and concept and we loved it. He is an amazingly focused guy and the end product was exactly the concept he pitched to us. It was a big production with actors and pyro guys and took months to shoot but we are so happy with it.

OD – I understand that you are in the study now working on the next track, overall, are would you say that you have an album’s worth of music ready to record or are you just working on each track, one by one?

RONI – Yes, we have started the recording process for Album 2. Right now we have one track down in the studio (tentatively titled “ARISE”) which will be the next single, 5 at finished demo stage ready for studio and some that are works in progress that need a bit of restructuring. But we’ll keep writing and recording until the desired result is achieved for this release. We have an idea of what it needs to sound like so we’re going to be very particular about what makes the cut.

OD – ‘Regret is for the Dead’ went straight to number one on the iTunes Irish rock charts, as did the latest single ‘When We’re Forgotten, does that surprise you when you consider that there really isn’t any mainstream support for heavier music in Ireland?

words that burn regret is for the dead

RONI – Yeah, its madness!! We didn’t release either the album or single with any expectations or charting. So we were massively surprised when they both hit the number 1 spot.  Yeah. Heavier music doesn’t have the obvious, mainstream, in your face support that the pop world has. But maybe it doesn’t need it – metal has the most dedicated fans that the scene pulsing away. I mean for a wee band like us to knock Beyoncé off the top spot (which is mental) goes to show there is a strong scene alive here in Ireland.

OD – With most bands releasing a selection of EP’s rather than albums these days, have you considered doing this, or are you dead set on a full album release?

RONI – I think to say what we want with this release we need to have a broader scope than an EP allows us. We toyed with the idea of doing a couple of Eps but I don’t think it’s going to work for us on this project.  One of the reasons we are being so picky about everything is want to be able to suck people into the record and spit them out at the end with a different perspective. Whether that perspective is about us or the songs or themselves or life or whatever.

OD – At the moment is a very healthy underground music scene in Ireland and it just seems to be getting stronger and stronger, have you noticed a change over the last five years with reference to the increase of interest in Irish metal both at home and abroad?

RONI – Ab-so-lutely! Couldn’t agree more. The scene here is awesome. There are bands that are doing really well which in turn is inspiring younger fans to start bands and more importantly stick at it!

Go back 10 years and bands came and went on a weekly basis – now we have the likes of Warpath and Dead Label going after years of playing here and abroad. Now we have the likes of Overdrive helping to push the bands in the scene and give them opportunities. Now we have bands from Ireland playing Bloodstock every year – and if I may say so – killing it!!!! I think we are on the map in a big way now. The calibre is so high.

OD – If there was anything that you could change within the ‘system’ for bands/artists/musicians etc what would it be?

RONI – I think the big thing is giving musicians their fair share. We have a paradox scenario now whereby everything is easily accessible, which is great. Music at the touch of a button. For music fans around the globe, it never has been as good as it is now. However, the downside to that is that it makes it very difficult for lower and mid-level bands to make a decent living, if any, from their hard work.

On the flip side of that, it encourages bands to get on the road and when you bring it back to absolute basics, that’s what bands are designed to do – play shows!

A must for all vocalists! Click here for more information.

A must for all vocalists! Click here for more information.

OD – So, you’re recording at the moment and will most likely be doing so over the next few months, is there a plan for 2019 that you can share with us?

RONI – The plan, for now, is to focus on this album and make it the best that we can. But as I said, bands are designed to play gigs, so we will certainly be doing a tour in support of the album in the UK for sure and maybe a few more festivals overseas.

OD – As a vocalist, who was it that inspired you to sing and in particular what album?

RONI – When I was younger I was always focusing more on the guitars. I was never supposed to be the vocalist. Ger and I started our first band in 2004 and we played a bunch of songs that I wrote and it just stuck. But then when I became a bit more serious about it there were two singers that made me want to get better. Maynard James Keenan and Chris Cornell.

OD – If given the chance, who would you like to tour with and why?

RONI – I think we all would have slightly different answers to this but I guess for me it would (and no limits here) be Parkway Drive or Slipknot. Apart from having an opportunity to play to amazing crowds, I’d love to see all the cogs working behind these two huge productions. How everything works at that level.

OD – Any final words on what to expect from the forthcoming Words That Burn album/EP?

RONI – Expect it to be different. Expect it to be heavier than anything else we have done before and do not expect us to pull any punches.

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