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Following their triumphant UK debut performance at Bloodstock Festival on August 15th, rising Irish Alt/Metal crew, Words That Burn have today released their latest single ‘Den of Lions’ on all streaming platforms.

Fresh from their UK debut, Words That Burn are today celebrating the release of their latest single ‘Den of Lions’ streaming on all registered platforms.

Taken from the yet-to-be-titled new studio album, ‘Den of Lions‘ shows the Dundalk0-based band moving forward with strides as they explore the depths of their sound and songwriting ability on album number three.

Speaking of the track, vocalist Roni Vox commented: “It’s kinda a tongue-in-cheek observation about how people in the public eye can be heroes one day and villains the next.

It kinda pokes fun at both public figures and their audience in the sense that celebrities, politicians, influencers, etc will have this façade persona where they won’t allow themselves to do or say anything that isn’t deemed acceptable by the socially authoritative hive mind – so they are in this safe zone, they are “good people”… but once they slip up or go off-script, holy fuck, they are devoured by these seething public in a heartbeat….. its fuckin hilarious carry on!!

Taking a leap into their creative horizon, Words That Burn continues to push their boundaries and explore their thirst for evolution combining elements of modern/contemporary Metal, Electronic, and Alternative music.

The result is truly a force to be reckoned with and will no doubt win over a new breed of fans upon the release of the new album, which incidentally, is rumored to be released in 2022.

Listen to ‘Den of Lions’ below:

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