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WORDS THAT BURN has been digging into their vault and uncovered a previously unreleased track from their debut album ‘Regret is for the Dead’. Check out the video premiere below…

Taken from their 2016 debut ‘Regret is for the Dead’, Ireland’s rising post-Metalcore/Alt quartet, WORDS THAT BURN have decided to share a previously unreleased track from the studio sessions.

Without Reason‘ never made the final selection to the album but still packs a mighty punch. Check out the video below;

We asked the guys about the story behind the track and also the memories of recording their debut album which turns 4-years-old next month.

OD – This track is from the recording session that gave us ‘Regret is
for the Dead‘, how come it never made the album?

RONI – Firstly, I just wanna say that going into the studio this was one of the main contenders for an album track. We genuinely thought it was gonna be a slam dunk so we spent more time on some of the other tracks that needed some more TLC.

Then we went back to Without Reason towards the end and it turned out that it actually needed work to bring it up to the standard of the other songs. We were on a tight deadline to get the album mastered & off to print. The mix was finished but we just didn’t get it to where it needed to be in time. But we always said we’d go back to it and get it mastered someday. And we’re glad we did.

OD – What memories do you have from that era?

RONI – I remember two things. First thing – Italy in 2015 was HOT. We recorded in a wee Tuscan village called Montale, in July and it was like 35-40 degrees every single day! Going to the deli down the road was a health risk for 4 pale Irish dudes! We had a day off and went to the beach and I got heatstroke. It sucked! [Laughing]

Secondly, I remember us being really green. Like, we all had studio experience at varying levels previously but we were no way expecting the level of precision and graft that Jonathan (Mazzeo – Mathlab Studios/The Grid, Europe) required for a take to get onto the song. He put us through the ringer every day for like a month. But we learned so much and it helped us step up our game big time.

OD – When you listen back to the older stuff that Words That Burn have
recorded and put out to the most recent album ‘Pyres‘, how much of an
evolution in sound do you think the band has experienced and do you
see the boundaries being pushed even further going forward?

RONI – Our sound has come on in leaps and bounds both musically and performance-wise. We also have a kinda formula that is working for us now. With “Regret…” I had a bunch of songs written (some from like 2011/2012) that made the album and Shane [Martin – Guitars] brought his newer songs in and we basically fucked them together and made an album with them…. I don’t know how, but it worked out really well.

Our sound is far more refined now. Sometimes we might get lucky and the first version of a song is the best one, but for the most part, it takes countless hours of trying new ideas, restructuring, getting frustrated and pissed off to make sure that we have the best version of what we consider a good song! If it was easy it would be boring, right!

OD – Speaking of new material, I believe you guys are busy writing new
material during this lockdown isolation period. Can you comment on the
progress of things right now?

RONI – Yeah, we’re working on some new material right now. We’ve one or two songs almost done structure-wise and a few more that are like 70%.

We’ve got a bunch of really great ideas that Shane has put his downtime into creating. I’ve always admired bands that reinvent themselves on each album.

It’s interesting and fun when you start taking influence, even subtle, from other genres. It can really open up new soundscapes that you didn’t expect. I haven’t even thought of where I’m going vocally or lyrically with the new songs. I get ideas in waves that I document and revisit. I’ll just need to see how I can apply them to the music.

We haven’t discussed a release date for any of the new material as of yet, but we’re loosely thinking late summer for a new track.

OD –  The video seems to be a montage of footage that goes way back in
the bands touring history. Can you remember any moments on tour that
were either hilarious, strange or just downright weird?

RONI – Being on tour with WTB is always hilarious, strange and downright weird. We’re hilarious, strange and downright weird guys!! [Laughing]

We’re always excited to get out there and play our music to as many people as possible but living off adrenaline, very little sleep and the heat of European summer turns you into like a cartoon character version of yourself!

Plus there is so much travel so you gotta make that time fun. We usually listen to comedians while travelling. Jim Jeffries was the official comedian of the last tour. Try being normal after listening to him for 12 straight hours!

Until we went away the first time I was convinced post-tour depression was just something people said. It’s not. It’s very real. Trying to function in the real world for like a week after being away is virtually impossible.

OD – What are the immediate plans for the band with regards to the
limitations of what you can do while we are under quarantine?

RONI – We’re throwing some ideas around at the moment, but mainly focus on music. We have the time and we have the technology!!

Check out the official videos for “Riptide” and “Deathgrip” below;

PYRES‘ is out NOW and can be purchased via the bands Bandcamp page here. Stream ‘Without Reason‘ via the link below:

Words That Burn are scheduled to perform at Clang Metal Festival alongside Candlemass, Coroner, Xentrix, KLOG, The Modern Age Slavery and many more. Taking place in Dublin’s National Stadium on Saturday, September 26th, tickets are on sale NOW via Eventbrite. Click here and get sorted.

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