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There is basically two things you need to know before you continue reading this. There is life before hearing WOUNDS  and then there is life after hearing WOUNDS, and trust us, we are in favour of the latter.

Rewind to May of this year and there we were, blissfully unaware that one of the most engaging, exciting, intense and downright fucking awesome bands to have ever emerged from our own Dublin city were busy laying waste to venues across Europe in support of established acts such as Enter Shikari and Billy Talent.

Wounds, custom backdrps, logo design for bands

The four piece which consists of Aidan Coogan – Vocals, James Coogan – Guitar, Aaron McGrath – Bass and Craig McCann – Drums, have been through more in their short career than most bands can even imagine. From the release of their debut E.P. “Dead, Dead Fucking Dead” in 2010 which saw the band gain immediate respect from critics and fellow musicians alike leading to support slots with Gallows and Cancer Bats across the UK, to a tragic accident that saw guitarist James Coogan fall from a fourth floor balcony, nearly loosing his life. His brother and WOUNDS singer Aidan Coogan could only stand by and hope that his brother and band-mate would pull through.


Thankfully, James proved to be of stronger stock than most and made a miraculous recovery, all the while proving his doctors wrong by picking up his guitar again and destroying night after night on stage when he was told that his ability to play would be near to impossible.

With the band back in action, the brothers experienced another blow when they had to suddenly deal with the tragic loss of their father. Following theses dark unfortunate events, a huge amount of tragic emotional pressure inspired the band to rewrite existing songs such as “Dead Road” and “Desperate Times” which are staple anthems of the very ethos of exactly who and what WOUNDS are. A musically dark, beautiful, ugly, exhilarating and very intense collection of emotions that are as fresh as a mountain breeze in an overcrowded elevator.

The debut album “Die Young” depicts a cover photograph of the scar that guitarist James endured on his torso as a result of his accident and is a fitting image for the content of the blistering ten tracks that make up this fantastic debut.


With the success of the band resembling that of a forest fire, the Dublin four piece were giving the chance to show everybody what they got at this years Download Festival. Overdrive was in attendance and witnessed what can only be described as one of the most exciting live shows from a young band in years. There is a overpowering sense of being part of something very special when witnessing WOUNDS live. Nothing is fake, false or transparent about the delivery of their music in a live setting.

Wounds Download Festival, backdrop design, custom drum graphics, logo design

One almost gets the feeling that the band themselves have no idea what will happen during the show as they are so immersed in the pure fucking intensity of the music and all that matters for that moment is nothing but the music itself.

This message is translated very quickly from stage to pit as Overdrive witnessed a rather luke warm reception upon the bands opening number to a packed out rabid audience by the time the first song was over. This is the moment that everybody standing in that tent realised that WOUNDS are not just another one of those bands that comes and goes, but are a beacon of new hope, in a rather overcrowded generic miss mash of bum fluff by the numbers bands that seem to be everywhere at the moment.

The bands new current debut album “Die Young” is a celebration of life and death that is packed to the brim with stone cold bangers such as “Killing Spree” “No Future” and “Dead, Dead Fucking Dead” to name just a few.

With more people catching on to the vibe of the bands anthems and waking up to the brutal honesty of the lyrics and natural organic flow of the song structure. WOUNDS are destined to smash down the walls that seem to have been built by the U2, Coors and Script like corporate cliques that have reined for far too long, and we here at Overdrive embrace the change and are ready with gas canister and matches to burn shit down and let WOUNDS lead the way for a whole new breed of incredible Irish talent to break out and prove that we as a nation have a whole lot to offer. 

To end with a quote from the lyric on album track “The Pile” – “We don’t need your fucking approval, we do this for ourselves”  and rightfully so!

Overdrive rating – Wounds – “Die Young” 5/5

WOUNDS play Whelan’s with TRASH TALK  on Friday 12th June. Tickets available here.

“Die Young” is out now via In At The Deep End Records. Get your copy of the album here. For more info