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Artika have crafted a truly monstrous sound drenched in a concoction of Blackened Metal with plenty of groove. Find out more below…

Formed in Birmingham, England, hard-hitting quintet Atarka was founded by guitarist Daniel McCarthy, bass player Adam Bayliss and vocalist Jamie Smith.

In 2018 the addition of guitarist Alex Dutton and drummer Phil Sheldon cemented their line-up. “Sleeping Giant” is the Birmingham metal quintet’s debut album and is out NOW on all good streaming platforms. Click the Spotify link below and get the hookup.

Equal parts groove and blackened death metal, the record sonically illustrates a bleak and desperate view of history, mental illness, addiction and other aspects of the human experience with all the surgical precision and brutality that has made their live shows such a success.

Taking influence from history and mythology, the album explores this from a
conceptual point of view. These concepts can be found in abundance on tracks such
as ‘Tollund Man’ – where the ancient and mysterious legend of the Danish bog bodies are given a backstory unlike any other.

Tracks such as ‘Golden Snake’, ‘Shadow of the King’, ‘The Bastard’, and ‘Miasma’ –
Sleeping Giant” is a heavy-hitting record with influences deep-rooted in bands such as In Flames, Mastodon, Gojira and Killswitch Engage.

Atarka have been preparing for a busy 2020 with their debut single release last year
and playing numerous UK live shows to much acclaim.

With the album, and accompanying content now available for streaming, the band is in the process of booking tour dates in the UK and the rest of Europe. Watch this space…


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