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Deftones guitarist Stephen Carpenter and Sikth members aka Sol Invitos release their new single ‘A Reason for Being’, that will please most [if not all] Meshuggah fans. Find out all about more below…

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Featuring Stephen Carpenter (Deftones), Richie Londres, Technical Itch, Dan Foord, James Leach (Sikth), Sol Invicto make no bones about their intentions to drill down into the core of their collective love for down-tuned, polyrhythm, technical metal.

The band commented on the new track:

Even as artists who create music for dystopian times, we never expected to be actually living in those times,” said Sol Invicto. “With all that’s happening right now, we have decided to share a new song and our music, which is our Ikigai, or, reason for being.

“Be well!

Sol Invicto is a music project formed in 2008 operating as a private members association founded by Richie Londres & Stephen Carpenter of Deftones joined in the later years by UK drum & bass producer Technical Itch.

Music and merchandise is only available to members of the Sol Invicto Comiti and not released or shared with the general public or industry. The group incorporated in 2017 and now operate as a private members association, they have never released music officially to the public, only demos exist prior to their incorporation. They previously released their first official album in 2017 to members of the “Sol Invicto Comiti” only, the group do not operate in any official capacity and have only recently appeared on social media platforms. Their music remains largely unheard by the general public.

More details here.

Sol Invicto are:

Executive Producer: Richard Londres
Production: Technical Itch
Guitars: Stephen Carpenter (Deftones)
Drums: Dan Foord (SikTh)
Bass: James Leach (SikTh)

Check it out below…

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