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At The Drive-In have been dropping mysterious hints via their social media pages over the last few days, with the news finally breaking today that they are planning a return to the stage with a new album in tow and plans for a world tour! Overdrive looks under the hood and finds out what is really happening!


As a banner on the band’s official website reveals, the post-hardcore titans are indeed getting back together in 2016. Not only are they going on tour, but they’re releasing new music (!) for the first time since 2000’s ground breaking “Relationship of Command”, or so the whispers confirm, from behind the sacred walls of the bands label. This is by far one of the most spine-tingling news stories of 2016 (Guns n’ Who?).


Having already confirmed two festival gigs for May: Rock on the Range in Columbus, Ohio, and Shaky Knees in Atlanta, Georgia. Additional details are expected later today, so keep your fingers crossed that we will be seeing some European dates.

The band have released a snippet of new music in this sort of cryptic short video, that you can see below.

Since their initial reunion in 2012, the status of ATDI remained unclear. During said comeback tour, co-founder Omar Rodriguez-Lopez expressed discomfort in revisiting the band’s music, saying, “When playing those songs, I thought, ‘Here’s a person at the time that I don’t relate to anymore.’ He didn’t care about his life and was doing drugs and was really disconnected from the world and a whole lot of other personal stuff that I won’t get into. If I give myself to that, I can feel the psychological effects of that personality in the same way that an actor can say it wasn’t healthy to live in that role so long or bring that role home every night.”


However, following the break-up of The Mars Volta in 2013, frontman Cedric Bixler-Zavala left the door open for future performances with ATDI.

This is indeed some pretty great news and if they manage to pull off an album that is even a 10th of what Relationship of Command is, we will be happy campers, that’s for sure! With more details still being “drip-fed” from the ATDI camp, all we can do now is keep a positive mental attitude that their return will be a majestic glorious come-back, packed full of new anthems and stone cold classics! Stay tuned for more…….


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