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If you’re familiar with The Devil Wants Her Swagger Back, then you know very well just what they are capable of when experienced live – not to mention their brain-ripping legacy on record, ‘Malice’ Ep anyone? Based in Dublin, the now five-piece are gearing up for what seems to be one of the most active and important years ahead since their formation back in 2013. Get the world exclusive first look at ‘END GAME’ right here! 


END GAME is the first track from The Devil Wants Her Swagger Back’s forthcoming ‘Contempt‘ EP, which follows the release of the crushing ‘Malice‘ EP last year.

There is no doubt that ‘End Game‘  displays an updated, fresher sound that maintains the heaviness and the ferocity the band have become so well known for. The songs lyrical content deals with the increasingly worrying increase of suicide and victims of suicide in today’s society. All proceeds from the tracks downloads will go to the Samaritans Charity organisation, which deals with many cases of attempted suicide and people affected by suicide. Click here for information on Samaritans support.

Watch  the exclusive “End Game” premiere below;

The Devil Wants Her Swagger Back are a 5 piece metal band formed in 2013 and based in Dublin Ireland featuring, Stephen Cannon (vocals) Dylan Scully (bass) Mick Hynes (guitar) Ryan Cummins (drums) and the recent addition of Damien Regan pulling second guitar duties. Deriving from a range of influences from Metallica to Slipknot, to more modern bands such as While She Sleeps and Whitechapel among others, the band produces a massively heavy sound that is accompanied by melodic hooks and grooves. A modern sound with occasional nods to more classic styles of their genre.

The Devil Wants her Swagger Back MaliceThe band’s first EP “Malice” was released in October, alongside the music video for “Casualties” to a great response and this led the band adopting second guitarist and long time friend, Damien Regan. They are currently recording their second EP “Contempt” which is scheduled for release mid-2017. The band have become known for their DIY approach to their music and publicity, as well as their perseverance and strong work ethic.

All members of the band had been playing in their local music scenes for the last decade in various bands and other projects, guitarist Mick Hynes, bassist Dylan Scully and drummer Ryan Cummins having previously been in a metal band decided to regroup and play the music they wanted to hear. This led to them writing what would become the music for The Devil Wants Her Swagger Back. After recruiting Stephen Cannon on vocal duties they quickly released a demo called “Sign Here….” which received great reviews from critics both from their local scene and internationally.

Exploding onto the live scene and generating a fan base quickly the band were asked to play Slipknot’s album launch to a sold out venue in Dublin, Ireland back in 2014. After gigging around the country relentlessly, the band took part and secured a finalist spot in the Bloodstock Metal 2 The Masses campaign in 2015. Their rising popularity only increased with the release of a double single; ‘Eat This‘ and ‘Monster in Me‘ which prompted their first music video for “Monster in Me” (see below).

Just one week after releasing the video the band set on their first UK tour where they were received with great enthusiasm, playing in Sheffield, Manchester and Mansfield. In 2016 the band began recording their first EP “Malice” only breaking to play at Aggressive Music Fest in the Czech Republic to which they made a huge impact.

In late 2016 the band felt the need to evolve and add another layer to their music and recruited the band’s long time friend, Damien Regan on second guitarist duties and immediately began writing new material. The first of which, “End Game“. Their second EP “Contempt” is due out in mid-2017 and will be the first to feature Damien.

Constantly moving forward and being ahead of the curve with technology, social media and audience interaction, The Devil Wants Her Swagger Back have a hunger for success and success is the only option. You have been warned!

Check out Malice in full below.

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