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Will they? Won’t they? This has been the burning question for the last decade when it comes to TOOL. 

Having released their last opus ‘10,000 Days’ some 13 years ago, today finally see’s the band make good on their promise. 

Yes folks, Danny, Justin , Adam and Maynard finally pulled their fingers out and delivered an album that was worth the wait. A 13 long year wait!

Boasting 10 tracks (most of which exceed 10 mins) Tool have created a dark and beautifully twisted play on atmospheric prog-influenced alternative rock that only TOOL can pull off.

In true style to the band’s creative flow, the album is loaded with deceptive time signatures twinned with deep-thinking aural passages peppered with slices of instrumental tracks which are loaded with soundscapes that are designed to transport the listener into the bands very own dimension.

To be honest, this album is not a one time listen/review, so personally speaking, it’s a far more complicated piece of art and one that requires your undivided attention. A masterpiece? Or perhaps a pretentious offering for the elitist snobs and self-actualised music critics? You decide…

Fear Inoculum” is out now via Music For Nations/Sony. Get your copy here.

Oran O’Beirne 2019