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Following an informal hiatus, Hawk Eyes are back with their fourth album, ‘Advice’.  Check out their latest video/single ‘Never Lead Me’, right here…

Photo – Andy Brammall

New album ‘Advice’ showcases the widest range of styles and dynamics yet from Hawk Eyes.

The band’s aim was to create an album where every track has its own identity, yet it works as a whole. They also feel like guitar solos are underrated these days and tried to fit in as many as possible.

As with every previous album, the band has been able to expand their sound once again and surprise listeners with unique twists and turns. ‘Royal Trouble’, for example, is not only the first single, but also the opening track on ‘Advice’ – a huge song with a huge chorus serving as a fitting reintroduction to the band!

Check out the video below;

The band’s long awaited new album ‘ADVICE‘ is out now on Drakkar Entertainment and is every bit as good as expected from this phenomenal band.

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