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Coloradan doomed heavy metal outfit Khemmis are readying for the release of one of 2021’s most anticipated metal albums, ‘Deceiver’, out November 19th via Nuclear Blast.

To further stoke excitement, the band has unveiled an animated video by acclaimed Romanian visual artist Costin Chioreanu (Carcass, At the Gates) for their profound new single ‘House of Cadmus’.

Watch the video now and pre-order the record at the links below!

Vocalist/guitarist Phil Pendergast says of the new song,

“’House of Cadmus represents the lowest emotional point on Deceiver. In it, we explore the seat of our deepest fears, the anchors that we drag behind ourselves for our entire lives. It is also maybe the most important song for me, personally, in our entire catalogue.

With it, I cut away the chains that have long held me captive and offer an invitation for everyone who hears it to do the same.

We are all weighed down by some aspect of our lives: addiction, abuse, mental illness, fear, regret, and shame, to name a few. These traumas distort our views of ourselves, of each other, and of the world around us. But these are merely stories we tell ourselves, and no matter how all-encompassing they may feel, these stories cannot define us.”

Khemmis are due to play Desertfest London the weekend of April 29th-May 1st 2022, day tickets are still available HERE.

Deceiver tracklisting:
1. Avernal Gate
2. House of Cadmus
3. Living Pyre
4. Shroud of Lethe
5. Obsidian Crown
6. The Astral Road

Restlessly awakening from the depths of a feverish slumber, doomed heavy metal masters Khemmis return to reveal their fourth full-length studio album Deceiver, arriving via Nuclear Blast Records in November 2021.

Six tracks of desolate, soul-awakening heaviness encapsulate a project that has been nearly three years in the making. With a title that reflects the internal struggles that many of us battle in our daily lives, Deceiver is a ferociously honest and appetisingly raw piece of musical artistry.

Pre-order your copy here.

Oran O’Beirne 2021