Letlive hit Dublin this Friday! Don’t miss this show.

Posted on by Oran

Have you got your ticket for possibly one of the best gigs of 2013?

Letlive Fibbers

Every now and again a band comes along that breaks down the walls with experimental song construction and an overwhelming balls to try something different. In the past we have had bands such as Minor Threat, Bad Brains, At The Drive-In, Nirvana to name just a few.

With music becoming more and more homogenized, the arrival of a band such as Letlive is nothing short of a breath of fresh air in what can only be described as a mainstream commercial bland musical landscape.


Coming from Los Angles California, Letlive really started gaining interest from their second album “Fake History” which was packed full of blistering tunes mixing the styles of Hardcore, Progressive, Alternative and Rock. They earned a reputation instantly in the UK from their chaotic live shows which see’s singer Jason Aalon Butler loose his collective shit on a nightly basis, scaling house speakers, kicking in monitors, crowd walking (yes he has walked from stage to sound desk on the heads of the crowd) and generally ripping up the venue with his spectacular display of energy and passion.

The bands third album “Blackest Beautiful” (Overdrive ration 5/5) was released during the summer via Epitaph Records and is a serious foot forward in the world of heavy music. The ability to incorporate such exciting musical styles with ease, offering top class musicianship and lyrics that are nothing short of pure poetry is a rarity that only comes along once in a blue moon.

The band will be taking the stage this Friday 11th in Fibbers on Parnell Street. Demented Promotions will be hosting the show and have just released the set times for the gig which is as follows:

Doors – 6.45pm

Red Enemy – 7.10pm

American Scene – 8.00pm

Night Verses – 8.45pm

Letlive – 9.35pm

Aftershow Party with DJ set from Red Enemy.

Tickets for the event are now available from WAV Tickets, Sound Cellar, Into The Void, Music Maker and other locations that can be found on Demented Promotions facebook.

In the meantime check out “Younger” video below which is taken from the bands current release “Blackest Beautiful”.