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Belfast Progressive Metal force, Lock Horns reveal crushing new single, ‘The Origin of Evil Impulses’ – New album, ‘Red Room’ out now! 

Lock Horns – Photo Wayne Donaldson

Belfast Progressive Metal force, Lock Horns have revealed a new video single for ‘The Origin Of Evil Impulses’ – the third single to from the bands stunning new album, ‘Red Room’, which saw it’s official release on Friday, May 31st!

Following a series of crushing previews of the new album by way of ‘The Golden Mean‘ and ‘Skin and Bones‘, Lock Horns have released an official video that captures the bands behind the scenes during the making of ‘Red Room‘.

Speaking of the new single, the band says; “This track is our opus magnum, a 7-minute technical nightmare. It’s the most savage track from Red Room…..the best song we’ve ever written.’The Origin of Evil Impulses’ lyrical content is inspired by a short story from Egar Alan Po, titled; ‘The Imp of the Perverse’, and is similar to the other tracks on the album which explores certain human attributes such as lack of self control, self sabotage, and specifically, with this song in particular, self perversion.”

Boasting seven ruthlessly aggressive progressive metal tracks, ‘Red Room’ is the follow-up to 2018’s ‘Molon Labe‘ opus, and out now, via The Distortion Project and Code 7 Distribution. Order your copy here.

Stream the full album below…

Red Room‘ track-listing:

The Origin of Evil Impulses
Skin and Bones
Lab Rat
Impression of a Dream
The Golden Mean
Expressions of Madness

What some of the critics have been saying…

Bloodstock Festival says of the new album: “Sonically, vocally and visually these guys have transformed into something very special.”

V13 Media – “‘Red Room’ is a masterful display of stuttering, jarring riffs, complex grooves and twisted progressive passages.”

Overdrive.ie – “This album is simply amazing, and is another contender for album of the year“.

Gbhbl – “Musically astounding and vocally impressive, they found the sweet spot and hit a bullseye.”

The Razors Edge – “Red Room’ is half an hour of the most violent onslaught you will hear this month, and we highly recommend you give it a listen, you will not be disappointed.

For more information on Lock Horns, please visit this link.

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