MALEVOLENT CREATION Release Video for ‘Release the Soul’.

Posted on by Oran

“No one can destroy this MALEVOLENT CREATION!” is a legendary line by the late, great Bret Hoffmann, who passed away on 07 July 2018.

Renowned and revered for his vicious vocal style and unique onstage presence, Hoffmann is impossible to replace, but co-founder Phil Fasciana decided to face the challenge and affirm the truth behind this lyric from the group’s 1991 debut “The Ten Commandments”.

MALEVOLENT CREATION have just released their new album “The 13th Beast” on Century Media Records, which features the group’s new line-up consisting of P.M. Cancilla (drums), Josh Gibbs (bass), Phil Fasciana (guitars) and vocalist/guitarist Lee Wollenschlaeger.

Now, the band is proud to reveal the video for the track ‘Release the Soul’, which contains footage filmed by Chris Briggs, Roger Beaujard / Primitive Recordings and Quintin Supra / Eye Candy Photography House and was produced and directed by Guilherme Henriques.

Watch it below;

Musically, “The 13th Beast” expands upon 2014’s “Dead Man’s Path” yet also incorporates a brutality known from albums such as “The Will To Kill” and “Eternal”, which is further emphasized by Wollenschlaeger’s deeper vocal tone. Just like “Dead Man’s Path”, the record offers artwork by German Latorres, and was mixed and mastered by Dan Swanö at Unisound.