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Metallica has announced what appears to be some kind of museum in the form of ‘The Black Box’. Find out more below…

According to the press release, the box is meant to house the band’s most significant, and personally meaningful artifacts for all to see.

Much more than a ‘gateway’ to all things Metallica, ‘The Metallica Black Box’, in collaboration with Inveniem and Definitive Authentic, will provide access to the memories and experiences of the band members themselves, as it transports those who enter to virtually every imaginable time and place along the Metallica historical continuum.”

The box will be unveiled to the world via The Black Album Exhibition as a part of the ongoing Black Album anniversary festivities.

In the weeks, months, and years ahead, ‘The Metallica Black Box’ will venture progressively deeper into the Metallica vaults. Its unfettered access will manifest in exhibitions and collections of rare artifacts and ephemera, never seen nor heard video/audio, and more — all dedicated to different facets of the Metallica experience.

Long story short, it seems like Metallica is keeping this one a bit of a mystery until opening day. Stay tuned for more details on this as it happens.

The Black Album era.

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