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Posted on by Oran

We here at Overdrive have a passion for all things music. So much so, that we decided to set up this company to bring to you the very first custom design service in Ireland for bands! Take a look at some of the cool stuff we have been up to lately!

We have been working on many different project with bands not only from Ireland but also in the UK and Sweden. Our aim is to offer a service that can help bands of all genre’s define themselves by image and design. We want to see bands taking advantage of live shows by using impressive backdrops, custom back line, drum skins with your bands name on it, great album covers and posters that people want to tear down and put up on their bedroom walls and all for an affordable price.

We are constantly pushing the boundaries of music design and are very proud that we are the first in Ireland to have a one-stop shop for all your design needs.

Currently, Overdrive has been providing Custom Backdrops, Album Design, Logo Fabrication, Custom Drum Skins, T-shirts, Flyers, Posters, Wristbands, Laminated Event Passes, Tour Bus Branding, Electronic Press Kits and much, much more!

Our latest product is a special and unique material and method for custom wrapping your back line and guitar cases. So whether you have a beat up amp that has seen the inside of one to many gig trailers or a guitar case that is beat up and looking for love. We can help you!

Custom Wrapping my Overdrive photo

Our unique knowledge of music and design is the perfect marriage that gives you and all of our existing clients a guaranteed high quality service that is perfectly specific to your music and individual style.

Our ever growing selection of custom design drum heads are proving to be a winner for any band. Overdrive can custom design a specific creating for you or you can select from our gallery. This design will then be printed on to a very durable material that is applied to your brand new drum skin which is included in all of our orders. Our turn around on custom drum heads is approximately three working days and we can offer next day delivery anywhere in Ireland.  Our prices for your own custom drum head are €99 (inc VAT) and €17.15 (Inc VAT) for our delivery service.

Drop Down Drum Heads


We pride ourselves on being the first and the best in what we do and can take on very specialist jobs such as customising your complete drum kit including all the hardware with what every colour or design you wish. We have worked on designs for Bipolar Empire, Kodaline and Royseven and continue to create mind blowing design’s to enhance the impact of your live shows as well as having a one of a kind drum kit.

Drop Down Skins

We will continue to push the boundaries of music and design and are feeling really excited about some of the projects that we are about to start working on.

For more information on what Overdrive can do for you or your band, please look through the website and please feel free to get in touch with us no matter how crazy your ideas are. We have a passion that is beyond words for what we do and will always strive to produce the best work that we can at the highest level of professionalism and dedication to achieving the very best for you and your music.

You can get in touch with us via mail@overdrive or call the office on 01 6853549.