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Obsidian… dark, reflective and black: it’s a pretty decent description of the music that PARADISE LOST have been making over the last 32 years, even though this most resilient of British metal bands have stoically refused to be pinned down to one easily defined formula.

The sixteenth PARADISE LOST studio album, “Obsidian” eschews its immediate predecessors’ gruesome, myopic approach in favour of a richer and more dynamic deluge of black shades.

From the deceptive elegance and dual atmospheres of opener ‘Darker Thoughts‘ through to the crushing, baroque doom of war-torn closer‚ ‘Ravenghast‘ ‘Obsidian“  reveals a band in masterful control of a broad array of vital ideas.

Check out the teaser for new single/video for “Darker Thoughts below;

Most noticeably, the record boasts several songs that draw heavily from the much-loved, Kohl-encrusted days of ‘80s gothic rock: in particular, newly-minted PARADISE LOST anthems‚ Ghosts‘ is a guaranteed dancefloor-filler at any discerning goth nightclub.

Powered by a lust for creativity and a stout devotion to haunting heaviness, PARADISE LOST have defied the odds by coming back stronger than ever over the past decade.

Album cover art below:

“Obsidian”, the new album of Gothic legends PARADISE LOST will be released on 15th May. Catch them at Bloodstock Open Air this August.

Oran O’Beirne 2020