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Not only PLANET OF ZEUS fifth album is another sonic bomb from the Heavy Rock spartans, but ‘Faith in Physics’ is above all a pamphlet about political, religious and digital-era extremes that stifle freedom of speech worldwide these days. 

With nine hard-hitting songs and a surgical production echoing the forceful spirit of early Soundgarden, RATM or Clutch, you will easily embrace this masterpiece from the Greek foursome!

With five albums already under their collective belts, we take a look back on the bands discography ahead of the new album’s release.

Eleven the hard way”, was released in 2008 through Casket Music/ Copro Records. The album received great reviews across the metal world, while Bruce Dickinson featured it on his BBC Radio Show.

Sophomore album “Macho Libre” (2011, B-Otherside Records) was the album that established the band as a major act in Greece and started building the hype in Europe.

With album,“Vigilante” (2014, Ihaveadrum Records), the band upped the ante with their own blend of riff-laden and groovy rock ‘n roll. “Loyal to the Pack” (ihaveadrum records, 2016) caught the fans off guard with its deep, esoteric lyrics and melodic songwriting, but quickly became their best selling release.

In 2019, at a time in which irrationalism seems to be king with far-right politics and fundamentalists of all sorts enjoying mainstream status worldwide, and testing the limits of freedom of speech, PLANET OF ZEUS return with their highly anticipated fifth studio album, “Faith in Physics” on Heavy Psych Sounds Records.

Lyrically, this album seems to be their most socio-politically conscious release, dealing with themes such as digitalisation, religion, social network revolution, addiction and lonerism.

Musically, the band took the dirtiest path possible in order to create highly-charged atmospheres: 46 minutes of heavy, intellectual riffology and fat grooves, reminiscent of RATM’s best days and MC5-esque attitude coupled with QOTSA’s pop sensibilities.

An album that flows like water and closes on their signature psychedelic final track, sounding just as if The Doors got teleported to Athens in present days.

Babis Papanikolaou – Vocals & Guitars
Stelios Provis – Guitars
Giannis Vrazos – Bass
Serafeim Giannakopoulos – Drums

‘Faith in Physics’ is out on September 27th on Heavy Psych Sounds Records.

Oran O’Beirne 2019