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If you haven’t heard of Sleep Token yet, then you’re in for a treat. The mysterious progressive/ambient foursome have dropped their debut album ‘Sundowning’ and it’s a nothing short of breath-taking.

The anonymous collective known as ‘Sleep Token’ have been drip-feeding tracks from their debut over the last 6 months with the album finally released late last month.

We urge you to savour the dense palette that Sleep Token provides, and immerse yourself in the captivating beauty with which it associates.

Heavy music is being redefined right before our very eyes, and for fans in search of refreshing alternative music, it doesn’t really get much better than this.

The albums title ‘Sundowning‘ is named after the syndrome associated with dementia, where patients can become further confused and agitated as dusk settles in, its first single The Night Does Not Belong To God  (listen below) was unveiled upon the summer solstice in June.

Fronted by a masked, secretive figure, known only as ‘Vessel‘ (pictured below), Sleep Token worship and commit themselves to the ancient deity known as Sleep (although we have been told “no proper translation can cover it”).

The band creates music that brings to the fore our most submerged thoughts and feelings, coaxing them from the desolate, terrifying caves of our subconscious mind.

From June to November, through 12 tracks and passing seasons, Sleep Token revealed an evenly-spaced, precisely-timed sequence of recordings that stand as both individual touchstones and carefully aligned musical pieces, all informed by a common emotional thread plus a flow of graphics and videos specific to each song; the end result was a digital and physical release of the album on November 22nd, with format choices embracing a bespoke box-set containing a variety of exclusive elements, including early recordings.

Currently on tour in America with Issues, Sleep Token are fast becoming one of the most talked-about bands and for good reason. They are a force to be reckoned with and we reckon they will dominate 2020, no question.

Having already garnered a following with the release of debut EP ‘One’ late last year, Sleep Token are ready for the next chapter in their story with brand new EP ‘Two’ – set for release July 21st on Basick Records.

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Catch Sleep Token on our in the UK early 2020. Dates listed below;

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