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As any self-respected Slipknot fan aka “Maggot” knows, when there’s talk of new masks, that can only mean one thing! A new studio album is on the way. 

With new material in the works and rumors of band members being in the studio due to some recent suggestive posts on their respective social media, word that Slipknot are already refreshing their masks shouldn’t be a shock.

The group have been known to update their look whenever they have new material to share and frontman Corey Taylor himself has confirmed that he has a new mask of his own in the works.

During a recent appearance on ‘Steve-O’s Wild Ride!‘, Taylor commented on the process of creating a mask:

Sometimes we have a vision in our head – Clown is really good at it because he’s an artist, so he’ll go somewhere gnarly and be like, ‘Okay, I’ve got this image…’ and then we’ll have outside people create it,” But then there are some times where you’re just like, ‘I don’t have a real vision, but I have an idea,’ and you talk through it with a visual arts guy or a visual effects guy, and they will create it for you. And then you’ll look at it and go, ‘I like this, change this, blah blah blah.’ And you whittle it down until you get to something that’s really rad.

My new mask is gonna fucking scare kids! It’s so gnarly, dude. It’s really uncomfortable; it freaked my wife out. She won’t look at it – and she loves crazy shit like that. She’s just like, ‘That’s really bothering me, you need to put that picture away!’

He continued: “With every album, we try to give people something different. We give them the Slipknot stuff that they expect, but we also whip some different stuff up. We’re constantly trying to push the boundaries of where we go, music-wise, and I think because of that people have gotten to the point where they never know what to expect with our album.

They know they’re gonna get new masks, they know they’re gonna get new outfits, they know they’re gonna get new art… but they never know, musically, where we’re gonna go – which is rad, man!

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Check out the footage from the interview below:

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