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After their “The Aeromantic Experience” tour was cancelled due to the ongoing travel restrictions, THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA have announced they will be broadcasting a live stream concert straight from The Tivoli.

The band have said:
We are very proud to announce that we will be playing a live-streamed show at the classic venue The Tivoli, in Helsingborg, Sweden on Saturday the 18th of April.

For some of us that place is somewhat of a stomping ground and today one of the few real rock clubs that are still around in Sweden. That is something we want to support. Make sure you tune in on Saturday the 18th, it’s gonna be a night to remember. The Aeromantic Experience is alive and well.

The stream will go live at 19:00 BST on Saturday, April 18th, via The Night Flight Orchestra and The Tivoli’s social media pages.

Entrance is free but donations encouraged and appreciated. Please click “going” or “interested” so that you are notified when we go live, and share the event and the live-stream with your friends and family.

You can donate any amount via Swish (123 099 07 47 SWEDEN ONLY), PayPal (Worldwide) or purchase a Support Ticket.

The Night Flight Orchestra are scheduled to headline Bloodstock Open Air’s Sophie Lancaster Stage on Thursday, August 6th, joined by Nekrogoblin, The Crawling, Raised by Owls and more. Tickets are on sale now.


Oran O’Beirne 2020