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Today, the band have released a never heard before track from their studio archives. Watch/listen to ‘It Burns Within’ exclusively here….

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There is no question that Dead Label have a number of industry eyes on them right now as they have been striking the right chords both on and off stage.

Having been off the radar since their flurry of Summer shows earlier this year, which included a much talked about performance at 2018 Bloodstock Festival, Dead Label are gearing up for a major year ahead with some pretty exciting news due to come in January

To round off 2018, the band have released a never-heard-before track from back in 2012 titled ‘It Burns Within’ and have compiled a video of some of their favourite memories over the last few years to accompany the track.

Overdrive has the exclusive stream of the video, which you can watch below, before checking out our chat with drummer Claire Percival. Enjoy!

OD – Tell us about the track and when you recorded it?

CLAIRE –  This track was actually originally recorded in early 2012, we were offered a free day by Michael Richards to come in and try his studio, so we locked ourselves away fro a day and wrote this track. It was a lot of fun and we started a longterm relationship with Trackmix Studios after that.

OD – Why make the decision to release it now?

CLAIRE – Shortly after we recorded It Burns Within, we recorded Are You Ready To Kill? and because we decided to do a video for Are You Ready To Kill?, It Burns Within never really had its place.

It also didn’t belong on Throne of Bones. We were recently in Trackmix Studios and we listened to this track, we decided it was a shame to do nothing with the track so we compiled some footage from the last few years and put it with the track. The track is about the desire to make it, so it is kind of nice to put the track alongside some of our most fun moments so far.

OD – How much fun did you have working through all of that material?

CLAIRE – It was so much fun to look back at all the things we have done and some of the bigger moments too. It’s not that you forget but you can really enjoy moments looking back. There is footage of the Wall of Chaos at Bloodstock in here, and I totally missed that at the show because we were playing. So, I really enjoy watching that back!

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OD – What can we expect from Dead Label in 2019?

CLAIRE – Oh there is ALOT going on in the background. All I will say is, it will be our busiest year yet, and you won’t be expecting what is coming!

OD – If ‘Pure Chaos‘ was the sound of the band moving forward from ‘Throne of Bones‘, would it be right to say that things are even heavier now?

CLAIRE – Yes and no. Things are defiantly heavier, but they are also other elements that we have never touched on before in our newer material. We felt more free with this next album. The reigns are off. We are not trying to tick any boxes. So yes, there are parts that are even heavier, but aspects of other new elements also!

OD – From the past year, what was your highlight show?

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CLAIRE – I think it has to be Bloodstock. That show was another level. We did the Wall of Chaos and not only did it work but it was awesome! We enjoyed every minute of that show and I would do that exact show every day, forever! (Laughs)

OD – If there was any gig you would like to be part of, what would it be?

CLAIRE – We want to play all the festivals, all the tours, basically anywhere we can play we want to play! There is one particular gig we would really like to get, but I am afraid to even say the words so I will leave that to your imagination!

OD – Finally, what would be your album of the year?


CLAIRE – For me, it would have to be Catharsis by Machine Head, yes there was one track on it I didn’t love, but I was crazy about the majority of it and particularly Triple Beam. That track live blew my mind!

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Keep your eyes peeled for plenty of Dead Label news coming in January.

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